Know About Orange book

Know About Orange book

Orange Book is a free, electronically accessible drug list database that has been approved as a safe and effective drug by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Medical professionals and researchers alike find it easier to find generic equivalents for brand-name drugs, drug patents, and drug exclusivity.

Orange Book is a reliable tool for health professionals and researchers to find information on FDA-approved drugs. You may look for FDA orange book search at

What are the main uses of Orange Book

To extract information such as the date the drug was granted, the date of approval and a list of related patents to understand whether the patent claims the active ingredient (DS) as a pharmaceutical active ingredient or polymorphic and drug (DP) as a method of treatment, dosage, composition and formulation as well as the expiration date of each. each patent.

Look for “Innovators” drugs and agree to general, relevant information about drugs.

It helps with important decisions / strategies for pharmaceutical companies, whether to sell or make changes to existing drugs, and protect them by filing patents.

Identify the drug polymorphs patented by the innovators and challenge the drugs patented by the innovators to benefit from the 180 day marketing right in the US by applying for YOU (PIV).

What information can be searched for?

Find an approved drug

Look for the exact name, active ingredient or application number

Search applicants (companies)

Search by dosage form (eg tablet or capsule)

Search by administration (e.g. verbal)

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